Data from The Role of Crustal Quartz in Controlling Cordilleran Deformation (Nature, 471: 353-357, 2011)

This directory contains the most commonly-requested data-files of estimated fields described in Lowry & Pérez-Gussinyé (2011) The role of crustal quartz in controlling Cordilleran deformation, Nature, 471(7338), doi:10.1038/nature09912, 353-357.

Included here:
  • MapHK.xyheke contains optimally interpolated estimates of crustal thickness and vP/vS ratio, from joint inversion of seismic receiver functions, gravity and surface heatflow measurements. (Ascii, six columns: Longitude, Latitude, Crustal Thickness (km), 1-sigma uncertainty (km), vP/vS ratio, 1-sigma uncertainty. Images shown below:
  • Crustal thickness (km) from Lowry & Pérez-Gussinyé.

    Bulk-crustal seismic velocity ratio (vP/vS) from Lowry & Pérez-Gussinyé.

  • MapGrav.xyohktm contains gridded estimates of Bouguer gravity fields modeled for crustal thickness, vP/vS ratio, geothermal variations, and the observed and total modeled gravity. (Ascii, seven columns: Longitude, Latitude, observed Bouguer gravity (mGal), Bouguer gravity modeled from crustal thickness (mGal), from vP/vS (mGal), from geothermal variations (mGal), and the total model (summing the previous three; mGal). Images shown below:
  • Bouguer gravity fields calculated for (a) Moho, (b) crustal composition, (c) geothermal variations, (d) residual from observed gravity, (e) observed Bouguer gravity, (f) total modeled gravity. From Lowry & Pérez-Gussinyé.

  • Qs_Map.llqs contains gridded estimates of surface heat flow. (Ascii, four columns: Longitude, Latitude, measured surface heat flow (mW/m2), one-sigma uncertainty (mW/m2)). Also, Te.llt has effective elastic thickness estimates (Ascii, three columns: Longitude, Latitude, measured Te (km)). Images shown below:
  • Left panel: Gridded surface heat flow (mW/m2). Right panel: Effective elastic thickness Te (km). From Lowry & Pérez-Gussinyé.

    If there are other fields described in Lowry & Pérez-Gussinyé (2011) that you would like to acquire, let me know and I'll provide them/include them here.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation's Geophysics and EarthScope Science programs under grants 0454541 and 0955909, and a Utah State University New Faculty Research Grant. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the NSF or of Utah State University.

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