Current Status of the Rio Grande Rift GPS Network

As of 31 Dec 2020:

Above: Data from the UNAVCO archive that have been analyzed as of 31 December 2020. Blue squares denote install and removal dates; red bars represent data collected. Early data outages (grey) are described in individual site pages; later outages are mostly due to equipment failures.

At Left: The GPS sites installed for this project are shown as red triangles. Eleven of the original twenty-six sites are still operational (after being adopted into the Network of the Americas circa 2012), but most of the rest were decommissioned as part of the downsizing of the network beginning in 2018.

Many, many thanks to the folks at UNAVCO who helped make this possible, particularly Nicole Feldl and Fred Blume. Thanks also to the landowners who graciously agreed to host a site!

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