Current Status of the Rio Grande Rift GPS Network

As of 06 Sep 2009:

Above: Data from the UNAVCO archive that have been analyzed as of 06 September 2009. Blue squares denote install dates; red bars represent dates in our coordinate time series. Data outages (grey) are described in individual site pages.

At Left: The GPS sites installed for this project are shown as red triangles. All twenty-four of the original planned sites (plus a twenty-fifth! and RG26, replacing now-defunct site RG15) are installed and logging GPS data. Many, many thanks to the folks at UNAVCO who helped make this possible, particularly Nicole Feldl and Fred Blume. Thanks also to the landowners who graciously agreed to host a site!

Another thirty or so permanent GPS stations are included in our analyses of Rio Grande Rift deformation, including sites installed for the EarthScope-Plate Boundary Observatory (blue stars) and existing CORS sites (blue circles).

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